Monogram Babe Box

Monogram Babe Box

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If it's not moving monogram it...This will be a customized box for monogram lovers. 

This box is part of our new bundle box collection. 

 The monogram bundle box will include 3 T-shirts that will be randomly chosen. We will have two options for you to choose from a basic and deluxe. Both boxes will contain 3 shirts.  Both styles of shirts are unisex and not women's. The deluxe option will include some comfort colors. ***All 3 will not be comfort color***  The deluxe option will include a monogram decal that you can put on your car, laptop, etc. The deluxe box will also include a full front vinyl shirt. 

Starting 5/15 all boxes will be vinyl only 

Please leave in the box that says "initials or name" your monogram. Please choose whether or not you want your shirts to be neutral colored, bright, or select surprise for a combination of both!

Please leave initials FIRST LAST MIDDLE. We are not responsible if you leave the incorrect initials. 

These include free shipping and will come in a white box with our logo on the lid. 

These have a turn around time of 5-7 business days, this doesn't include the time for shipping. 

The picture shown in the description is an example ONLY. You may receive some of the shirts shown but no two boxes will be exactly the same.